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02 November 2011 @ 01:24 pm
I know this is so very late, but I finally finished typing my experiences.


Here they are:

It wasn’t until after I saw a certain couple of pictures of the Ariel doll did I decide I wanted her (I shared this in an earlier post…probably the release news one). I held out buying her on Monday online, because a new Disney Store was opening on August 31st in Tukwila at Westfield South Center mall, and the dolls weren’t selling fast online; Cinderella was still being sold online, so I though “Eh, she’ll still be there”.
So I made the 1 hour trek to Tukwila at around 4:00PM or 5:00PM. I found the wall of the designer collection. I actually thought that the dolls were behind the display dolls at first XD I quickly learned that they weren’t, and waited for a free cast member, and the one I was targeted on came over. I’m a VERY shy person, so with one balled up fist held against my chest, I squeaked out “do you have any more Ariel dolls?” He brightened up and said “We have 1 left!” So he took me over to the counter, and told the cast member at the register that “She’s getting the last Ariel doll!” I also told the CM at the register that I wanted a Cinderella too (and there were 3 left of her), and she said “Both?” (Oh, how little did she know then, LOL!)
So I was making my purchase, the one CM that helped me, and then the manager came over, so I was surrounded by Cast Members XD They ALL were are seriously congratulating me on get the last one! Confetti and balloons could have been released from the ceiling the way they were all excited about this! LOL! I loved them!
What’s ironic is that the CM who helped me said that Ariel was going to be worth - and I quote “thousands of dollars one day”…and Ariel is the doll currently going for the most (besides the silver Cinderella, of course!). He then said that his favorite princess was Ariel, and I said “she’s mine too!” and then we high-fived! So awesome!
Soon after, I left with my purchases: Ariel doll, Cinderella doll, the nail polish set, and the note cards. I would have gotten the notes, but they were so friggin’ small, and they weren’t all the same size 0.o
Also, when I got home, my Belle nail polish broke! I was so sad, because it looks gorgeous on the nails. But I did manage to find someone on eBay selling the nail polishes separately, so I was able to buy  a new belle polish *happy tears*
So when I got home, my sister was so happy about getting Cinderella…then she decides she wants Jasmine now! Jasmine is her 2nd favorite princess. This is when the wheels in my head began to turn that I wanted my 2nd favorite princess…Snow White.
So September 19th rolls around, and after reading all the horror stories about people trying to obtain Mulan, I decided that if I couldn’t get Snow online, I’d want to get to the mall by 8:00AM (they let the walkers in at 7:00AM). As we all know, Snow White was sold out within minutes. I don’t even know what happened! It was mid-night, and there was no doll, but at like 12:13 - while I was downstairs getting something to eat - there she was…SOLD OUT (; - _-)
This is when I debated about waking my mom up and asking her if we could be there AT 7:00AM, but I decided against it for some friggin’ reason.
We get to the mall about 10 minutes to 8:00AM, and there was a line, and people were holding those cards, and I knew it…I missed her. They only had 9 dolls, and my mom and I were 10 and 11. We just stood there in line for some reason, and this woman in front of us said “someone could change their mind.” My mom and I were both thinking the same thing: Who in the hell would stay in line for 3 hours, and decide not to get one?!
I told this one lady that Tiana was going to be the next one, she said “Who?” and I said Tiana from The Princess and the Frog…she laughed like an uppity b****and said “I don’t know who that is; must be a new one.”  I don’t know why, but that irritated me beyond belief.
So my mom and I decided this was a lost cause. But I remembered one of the people in line telling us that the Disney Store in Lynnwood got a little over 20 dolls, so I gave her my “puss in boots” look, and asked her if we could go there…she said yes.
As we were driving on 1-5 in Seattle, I called the store to see if they had any dolls left…of course, they didn’t. I asked her if she would take me to the Disney Store in Bellevue (which also recently opened). So my mom had to get off I-5 in Seattle. As she was driving through the city, trying to find a way to get back on the highway, I was calling the store. It was about 10:00PM AND NO ONE ANSWERED. I called like 5 times!
Well, we get to that store, and again, no luck. This store got 14 dolls. I was upset for two reasons:  First, made my mom drive from Tukwila, to Seattle, to Bellevue. It takes about an hour to get to Tukwila, and then the stores are about 30 minutes apart from each other. Secondly, I didn’t get Snow White.
I hate admitting this, but I took to eBay a couple of days later and bought her for about $230 – came to $250 with shipping and handling. I can’t help it – I’ve always been impatient, and at this point, also desperate.
The situation with the dolls changed, and we’d have a chance of getting both Jasmine (for my sister) and Aurora (for my mom) on the 17th.
This is when I decided that I now wanted all of my favorite Princesses – the ones I grew up on: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. I got Belle for $170 on eBay, and that included shipping.
My mom would call each week to find out how they were going to handle everything on the 17th. It wasn’t until 2 days before the 17th, that we were told how everything was going to happen. People were allowed to line up outside of the mall at 5:00AM at a specific door, and then both security and a cast member would led us to the store at 8:00AM, where we would wait in a queue line, and at 9:00AM they would pass out the tickets.
My mom called the mall security and they told her that anyone on the premises before 5:00AM would be told to leave.
So the big morning finally came. We were SUPPOSED to leave at 4:00AM, but we had some problems with money. For whatever reason, my mom thought that even though my purchase was separate from hers, she would be able to turn around and pay for my Jasmine. So we weren’t on the road until 4:20AM…we managed to get there at 5:06AM, and there was a line of about 25 or 26 people.
We got acquainted with a young mother (in her twenties), and she wanted to get them all for her daughter, but would settle on just getting Jasmine and Rapunzel, since her 6 year old daughter liked them the most (her daughter was also going to be Jasmine for Halloween)
Time went on, and more people showed up; a lot of them being told they were at the wrong door. One man was VERY upset.
So we get inside by groups; 10 people per group would go in after the group ahead of them got in safely. A couple of people in front of us actually did leave, which was good for us. A cast member came out, explained what was going to happen, and then we participated in a Disney trivia game hosted by another cast member. I knew the answers to all but one of the questions, and the question I was chosen to answer was why Lighting McQueen racing number 95 (because Toy Story came out in 1995).  I think she was only allowing each person to have a shot at answering, because in some instances, my arm shot up before she finished the question (think of Hermione from HP XD ).
9:00AM rolls around, and we are told that they had 25 of Rapunzel, 26 of Jasmine, 14 of Tiana and Pocahontas, and 13 of Aurora. The first 13 people in line ALL got a set. One girl left because she only wanted Aurora. My mom and I managed to get 2 Jasmine’s, and 1 Rapunzel (which we hoped to trade for an Aurora). We were especially happy that the young mother behind us got Jasmine, AND the LAST Rapunzel. Once the cast member reached the two girls behind the young mother, he announced to everyone in line behind them that they were out of dolls, and another cast member passed out the “Try Online” flyers.
Now, this is when it gets crappy. There was a group of friends - one teenage girl, and 4 guys. The girl’s mother shows up and the girl proudly shows her mom the 5 sets of doll tickets she and her guy friends had and says “These are all for you!”  Needless to say, Mom and I were both pissed. It was obvious this woman was going to sell them online, because who needs 5 sets of the 5 dolls?! That’s over $1,000 dollars!
10:00PM, the store opens, and we were each let in 2 at time, which turned into 1 at a time because that SAME GIRL stayed in the store and helped her guy friends examine EACH of the bloody dolls.
Anyway, we finally were able to purchase our dolls almost an hour before people were allowed in to buy the dolls.
My sister and I got our Jasmines, and I tried looking for someone who would trade Aurora for Rapunzel, but I knew deep down that it wouldn’t happen. I went through the online thing, which was insane. I managed to have 4 Aurora dolls in my cart, but I couldn’t even get to the check-out nor remove the other 3 Aurora dolls. I was on TWO laptops at a time trying to get through, but nothing. She sold out.
I’m completely boggled that they didn’t realize this was going to happen. Didn’t they learn from the Snow White fiasco? I don’t even…
Anyway, well, since I wanted all of my childhood princesses, I found someone (on here!) who wanted to trade her Cinderella for a Rapunzel. Hopefully we’re going to ship them out in a couple of days ^ . ^
So, I got back on ebay (sorry!) and got Aurora for $225 S/H included. She got her today. So, I got my favorite Princesses.
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Andrea Pendragonext_785293 on November 3rd, 2011 12:35 am (UTC)
Oh, wow- I love reading everyone's stories. Mine was not as interesting-I'm too lazy to wake up early , but I did stay up for Cinderella and Snow White. My mom bought my Ariel's for my birthday and my bf just gave me my mail notice that my Rapunzel arrived today(the post office was closed by the time I got off work...you can imagine how excited I am to be getting her tomorrow).

You are so lucky to be getting Jasmine.

She may be the next one I purchase...I'm impatient, too, when it comes to things I like/want, so I will probably have her within the week...I haven't had any luck in anyone wanting to trade her for Ariel.

Still glad you got your favourite princesses! I know I am so close to getting mine- just need Jasmine. I want to get a display case to put them with my animator dolls :]

miss nothingremiem on November 4th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Seriously? No one has wanted to trade their Jasmine for an Ariel? You do mean the designer Ariel doll right? I'd love to trade if I hadn't deboxed my Jasmine and grown quite attached to her in doing so. Honestly though I'd buy you a boxed Jasmine off ebay if you wanted to swap Ariel for her. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford Ariel on ebay, but Jasmine is within my budget, and I REALLY want Ariel. Let me know if you think we could work something out! She's the last one of the designer dolls that I really want. I was lucky enough to get Rapunzel and Jasmine off the website, and a Pocahontas for my mom, but didn't know about the dolls soon enough to get Ariel. I totally understand if you'd rather keep your Ariel though and just buy Jasmine yourself, or if you've already bought Jasmine.
Katy GreenKaty Green on November 3rd, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
No problem at all, I LOVE reading these stories on here! I will maybe give an update on my experience after my Birthday later this month, though it's really not that exciting :) I discovered the collection on the very first week that Cinderella came out. I happened to be in Dublin on the Thursday, and bought my gorgeous Cindi in the Disney Store there :) I was straight on the internet from then on to keep up with the latest goss on the dolls! Ariel (my fave princess! :( sold out too quickly, but I managed to get my Mum to order my 2nd fave- Belle- just in time, before Disney withdrew all the dolls before the last 5 were released. Yay! :) I am also getting Rapunzel and (hopefully) Aurora for my bday. My Mum has also hinted that I might be getting a few more than that too, so fingers crossed! I really am one of the biggest princess fans on Earth, so the dolls are just so precious to me :) I will be posting pics and an update on the dolls later this month, or possibly December, as I don't know yet if I'll be getting any for Christmas! :)
Paulinelinepau1 on November 3rd, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)
lmao I was reading this and got to the end before I realized it was you XD I'm going to ship out Cinderella on Friday when I get paid. =) That is quite the story... and exactly why I never really tried to get Rapunzel. I knew it was going to be impossible.

So glad you're getting your princesses! :D
Kiara's Icons: Enchanted Rose (BatB)kiaras_icon on November 3rd, 2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
I'd just like to take this moment to say - I AM SO JEALOUS. I haven't been able to buy Disney merchandise in over a year. :( Out of the Designer collection, I'd be very happy if I got Cinderella, Aurora, Bell, Ariel and Tiana. I also want the Animators collection. :( Ah well, maybe someday. Congratulations on getting your dolls!!
qlbunnies: princess and frog kissqlbunnies on November 4th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
It's great that you finally got all the ones you wanted! Sounds like you went through a lot of crap for them. I did too, but not to the extent you did.

Oh, and screw that lady for not knowing who Tiana is! >:( She is a princess, dammit.
Selenia: batb: belle conceptvelle on November 6th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
I really loved reading your story, and I'm so glad that you were able to get your favorite princesses!

I find that terrible too, that woman getting all those dolls :(. But I'm really glad you got yours and that the young mother behind you also did :).
shivatopiashivatopia on November 8th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Wow! Dollmageddon stories are so fascinating! Thanks for sharing your story! It's great that you were able to get your favorites, despite all the hardships. I was right on top of the whole Princess Designer Collection since early August, when pics were released of the pin set that was to be released on August 19th at the D23 Expo. Shortly after, I heard about the dolls, and I knew I had a new quest to take on to get all 10... I work M-F during regular business hours, so going to the stores was not an option, so I knew online was the only way for me to get them.

With the Designer Cinderella and Ariel doll releases, I was nervous even then (though unnecessarily at the time) about them selling out, so I was right there online at midnight PDT every Monday morning waiting to put my orders in, and then I would track how long it would take for the dolls to sell out, just to prepare myself for the following releases, as Snow White and Rapunzel were the two dolls that I wanted the most. So at first, it seemed as if it would not be such a hassle to get the set. Then Belle sold out online in 2 days, followed by Mulan selling out in about 6 hours. Things were looking bad for the remaining dolls...

So of course September 19th rolled out and Snow White sold out online in an hour. I was there, luckily getting my order in early, despite the slowed up/crashed servers, and fortunately my order was not one of the targeted orders for cancellation due to the overselling.

I'll admit that when The Disney Store rolled out their "solution," I was less than tickled by it, but like everyone else out there, what else was there to do but wait and try my hand at getting the final 5. I took that Monday (Oct 17) off of work, but going to my local retail stores that morning was a bust. The lines were already over 20 people deep by midnight, so that was a no-go. Well, once again, the gods were smiling on me, because even though I also had to deal with the server crashes and finding multiple Auroras in my cart (which were a pain to get back down to one only), I did finally manage to eventually place 2 separate orders for one each (total) of the final 5, so my quest was successful, though so incredibly rocky. My Aurora and Tiana did not ship out for a week after I placed the order, which made me very nervous, but I finally received them on Halloween.

So, for everyone out there who is still on their quests for the Designer Princess Dolls, don't give up, as the dolls are so lovely, and eBay prices are falling, except for Ariel (however, someone did post one for BIN $200 earlier today, which is the best I've seen to date, and of course, someone snapped her up instantly). Keep your eyes and ears open, and best of luck!