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27 June 2012 @ 12:10 am
A Big Brave Let Down  
Aloha everyone! I went to see Brave today. Let's just say I wasted my money. I LOVED the music and the beginning of the movie with Merida as a little girl was cute. But everything else disappointed me. This is one movie I would have rather seen if someone had treated me. To make matters worse, the only showing I could see was in 3D and I can't do 3D because of my vision problem. I was definitely not impressed.
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Anakoiki_teru on June 27th, 2012 04:23 am (UTC)
:( I'm curious what about the movie disappointed you?
dj_rocca: B&TB: Belle and Adamdj_rocca on June 27th, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
I'm curious too since all the trailers make it seem so good (and I love the King. Especially mocking Merida)
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Ellie: d → honor → fancifullerzsebet on June 27th, 2012 05:40 am (UTC)
The Sultan wanted Jasmine to get married so that she would have someone once he was gone. Merida's mother just wanted her to get married so that she could make their kingdom look good.

Sorry for butting in, but that just makes Jasmine look much worse in comparison. Also that's not Elinor's reason for wanting Merida to get married, at all. Elinor wanted Merida to get married because it was tradition and, in Elinor's viewpoint, tradition was highly important. She also wanted to avoid war.

As far as the brothers playing a large role in the trailers, they probably did that because Disney still doesn't believe that a female protagonist can carry a film. They felt they needed to make the movie more "relatable" to boys by showing male characters heavily in the previews (the brothers as well as King Fergus). I for one was actually very happy that they were minor characters and that Merida and Elinor (MOTHER DAUGHTER TEAM FTW) were the focus.

Personally, I found Merida charming. She was cocky and selfish but that made her real. Pixar has a habit of doing that with their characters. :) The mother/daughter relationship between her and Elinor was also very real (it actually reminded me of myself with my mother) and was heartwarming as well as bittersweet.

The fact that Pixar set out to make a movie about a princess and kept the focus mainly on the princess (unlike Tangled which focused on Flynn, or even Pocahontas which had a very heavy John Smith focus) is awesome. The story itself was wonderful, though admitedly predictable at parts (however only for the adult audience members - the kids I saw it with were shocked at every turn, lol). But definitely in my top three Pixar films. :)
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Flying Mint Bunnyharo on June 28th, 2012 05:43 am (UTC)
Lol at implying that those who think of it as a great film aren't looking at it critically. What about viewers like you who went into the film very cynical about it?
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Princess Krista: Tianaprincesstink384 on June 27th, 2012 06:18 am (UTC)
i saw the movie on friday and i loved it actually it was one of the disney/pixar movies i actually enjoyed since probably the princess and the frog. i didn't see it in 3d i saw it in 2d but my neice and i and everyone in the whole theater were laughing so hard and it was so cute and i am sorry you didn't like it.

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Elisa Ferreriarillinaelisa on June 27th, 2012 06:24 am (UTC)
In italy the movie is gonna be on screen on September, and i was so excited to see it. But i'm a little bit disappointed after all these bad reviews around the net :(
chibi_5chibi_5 on June 27th, 2012 06:40 am (UTC)
No, no, no, go see it!! Screw what everyone else thinks! Watch it and you'll see :3 my mom and I watched it opening day and she cried XD I loved it so much that I'm going to see it with a friend! sure theres afew, "it would have been cool if.." thoughts but all movies are like that nowadays. Some people are just having problems with Pixars "simple story" saying it doesnt live up to the pixar expectations and creativity like their other films but hey I didnt care for ALOT of pixars movies (except for wall-e, toystory movies and monsters inc, those are cute <3 ) but this one just hit the spot :3 Sometimes, simple is good! that and I LOVE the fact that shes a storng woman who doesnt need a man to be happy (Single's UNITEEEEEEEEE) XD
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dailydawldailydawl on June 27th, 2012 06:29 am (UTC)
I don't necessarily agree with the points you made. I think Merida's personality is real and straight forward and I love her for that. Of course she was selfish, but in the end she realized her faults. That just makes her human. We can't always have a soft spoken princess.

Honestly, I don't see the point of having this in the community. This seems more like a personal post rant, if anything.
cassandra ☆彡chiixhideki on June 27th, 2012 06:34 am (UTC)
Honestly, I don't see the point of having this in the community. This seems more like a personal post rant, if anything.

Exactly, this is just going to lead to arguments. As it already is.
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cassandra ☆彡chiixhideki on June 27th, 2012 06:32 am (UTC)
I just kind of have to laugh at the criticism that Merida is too selfish when your favourite princess is Ariel. I don't really buy into the ~different kinds of selfish~ thing someone here said. Selfishness doesn't necessarily make a character bad, though. Do I think Merida was selfish? Yes, kind of, but I still love her and her flaws.

Sad to see such a negative post on here, but w/e.
Kathleen: Bravecrystalheart on June 27th, 2012 06:39 am (UTC)
I for one loved this movie. And what do you mean by selfish for your taste? Yes she was selfish but really no more selfish then most of the current generation of kids her age. We are in a unique time, it's really the first/second generation that parents can provide everything they want to their children. Now these kids think everything should just be given to them. It's all part of the Y-generation.

As for just making the kingdom look good, marriage was the traditional role for women in that time. I'm pleased to see they respected the traditions of the era but still found a way to work around them. Tradition is everything to the Scots; heck any European country in that era. Women were just there to provide the next generation and feed/clean the home. Elinor was trying to raise Merida in the way she'd been raised but Fergus was impulsive and taught his daughter skills she would never had had other wise.

True Merida wasn't pressured into getting the spell but she figured it would just make her mother change her option about forcing her to marry someone she'd never met. Never once did she want to turn her mother into a bear, she was reacting in a moment of great emotion. She never saw her mother pull her bow back out from the fire and realize her mistake for tossing it. If your mother had tossed one of your most prized possessions. What would you do? Especially as a 15 year old girl...

I will be the first to think some things could have been changed in the movie to make it better in my opinion but I also love the movie as is. What I think might make it better, isn't going to be what someone else will think would make it better.
dark_rapunzeldark_rapunzel on June 27th, 2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
Did she ever get her bow back? I don't remember if I saw her get it.
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Geeky Mint: Ariel-madmintbunny on June 27th, 2012 10:36 am (UTC)
I loved the movie. So much I bought a doll right after I saw it! I have a hard time looking at things critically so maybe my opinion won't count for much, but I laughed, cried and everything in between. I loved it. And none of the princesses are perfect, they all have flaws, so Merida isn't more flawed than the rest. I liked that she was a typical teen with a situation she wanted no part of, went about it the wrong way and it ended up making her family stronger. Also, her mom was a badass bear at the end.
Meganleia131 on June 27th, 2012 01:22 pm (UTC)
(After reading all the comments here) The thing about both Merida's and Ariel's selfish actions is that they happen in a time of extreme emotional turmoil, after a parent has just destroyed an object they loved. Possibly, without the teenage hormones/emotions at a peak right then, they would have made different choices. Also, neither of them really intends to hurt their parents, that just kind of happens.

I haven't seen anyone bring this up either: It felt to me in Brave like the stone circle/wisps were like... showing up when you needed them and leading people to the place where they could change their fates, if they wanted to. Almost like it was Merida's fate to change hers. And Merida's story could have ended as poorly as the other dude's, but it didn't because she learned her lesson and admitted responsibility. It's all right (IMO) for a character to be selfish or otherwise bad, so long as they have some growth by the story's end.
ballerina_222ballerina_222 on June 28th, 2012 05:07 am (UTC)
I didn't really like the whole wisps thing, since in traditional mythology wisps are dead spirits that lead you to your death... awkward.
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Aratelinwen: Rapunzel_princessaratelinwen on June 27th, 2012 01:55 pm (UTC)
I'm going to join the group that did not care for the film. I mean, it was good, but not great. However, my reasonings were not because of Merida, it was because it felt like I was watching 2 different movies. One being a crude Dreamworks film with the male characters (and I thought the brothers were annoying until they became bears) and the other being a strong serious adult Pixar film with the female characters (which just happend to be kind of a rehash of a Disney classic, Brother Bear). I did not appreciate the crude humor and therefore that brought my appreciation of the movie down significantly, otherwise I did love the music, art, and mother/ daughter relationship.

I went to the midnight showing with a theatre full of WDW Cast Members and we all seemed to agree.... Tangled was better.
SifuKatarasifukatara on June 27th, 2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
Amen to that! Thank you! Tangled was much better!
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taoayumutaoayumu on June 27th, 2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
I find Merida to be like a normal girl, so her attitude didn't bother me at all. She totally reminds me of Ariel, when it comes to disobeying her mother (Ariel with her father). I look at it as Merida wasn't ready to get marry at the time of the film and I get the feeling Merida wants just more years being single, before she gets marry. Or that one of the three suitors has to win her heart aka her love. That's the feeling I am getting.

I see it more that Merida wasn't ready to be in a marriage and at the end of film, Elinor finally understand her daughter wasn't ready to make that commitment yet. I think this film lesson is compromise, I do believe Merida will eventually get marry but it will be more of Merida's choice, than being force to marry whoever wins sometime of "competition".

It BUGS me that people don't see the underlying meaning to this movie. Maybe cause I saw this film with my mother and we both had a heavy discussion about the plot of the film, she understands where Elinor and Merida's feelings and actions. I do too. I don't know maybe people don't understand a parent and child relationship is mostly about compromising, both have to have a middle ground. As much people wants to say "No, children should obey their parents!" it isn't right, you can't force a child to do something they don't want to. I know this cause it's the subject I been studying for the past three years, YOU CAN'T FORCE CHILDREN TO BE SOMETHING THEY DON'T WANT TO.

Lauren {Tess}: Misc: Mickey/Minnie Cupcakes.piratess__ on June 27th, 2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
I found "Brave" a very frustrating movie to watch because there were moments when it came SO CLOSE to perfection. There were moments when it was certainly on par with Pixar's previous successes. There were moments that had me close to tears and moments that made my jaw drop from their sheer beauty and simplicity. But, sadly, these moments were few and far between. The writing was (for the most part) horrendous and the plot felt all jumbled up, almost like I was watching several different movies that been haphazardly thrown together. The tone of the movie changed constantly -- one moment potty humour, the next moment high drama. I spent much of the movie trying to latch onto a key theme or allegory, as is common in Pixar's work, and came up fruitless. I actually feel a bit misled because, early in the movie, there was a terrific dual scene between Merida and Elinor, each maligning their inability to communicate with and be heard by the other. "AH!" I thought, "They're going to make a theme of being verbal and communicative!" And I thought it was a marvelous idea because, geez, it's quite an issue in today's text message and email driven world. Was the topic ever brought up again? Not to any great extent, no. There were many moments like this throughout the movie -- moments where I thought "AH! I KNOW WHERE THEY'RE GOING WITH THIS!" -- that later fell flat. It was a bit like watching a train wreck over and over and over again. D: Another thing, and this may just be me, but I felt there was far too much talking and chit-chat from the characters. There were moments that would have been STUNNING, had they been delivered silently and effectively (ie, the opening montage in UP, the lantern scene with the King and Queen in Tangled). Instead they were marred by chatty characters and uninspired writing. There were so many moments where I wanted to yell at the characters, "Stop talking so I can concentrate on the movie!" Of all the characters, the one I most enjoyed was surprisingly Elinor. I did not care for Merida at all (which was such a shame to me, seeing as I adore her character design) and I found the father, brothers, maid, and clans all a bit annoying. These could have been insta-fave supporting characters had they been fleshed out a bit, but sadly they just galumphed their way through the film, constantly grating on my nerves. It was surprising to me at the end of the movie that, of all the characters, I felt the one who was most changed was Elinor. Shouldn't it have been Merida? I felt the resolution of the plot was particularly weak, almost as though Merida didn't really grow at all or learn anything.

I don't know, I hate to be such a downer about Brave because I was such an advocate for the film back when the trailers were littered with kilt jokes (oh wait, ALL the trailers were littered with kilt jokes) and everyone was chomping at the bit to discount it as a "How to Train Your Dragon" rip-off. The film wasn't AWFUL. I absolutely appreciate the detail of the animation and the voice work. The conceptual art was gorgeous, and I do believe that, at one point in time, the script was well-intentioned. It's just a shame the final product was so muddied.
dark_rapunzeldark_rapunzel on June 27th, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
I didn't see Elinor being the most changed at all. I think she was always looking out for Merida and she would have come to the conclusion that marriage can wait and tradition can be broken even without becoming a bear. However, only because she became a bear could she see why it was so important for Merida to be herself. But that doesn't mean she changed who she was. She was always going to do the best thing for Merida in the end, Merida just couldn't see that. Merida needed to give her more time an explain why she did not want to marry. I do not think Elior was so close minded that she wouldn't have changed her mind and spoken to the clans if Merida was not so childish about everything.

I think Merida changed far more because she realized her mom was going to always be there for her and always had her best interest at heart. In the beginning she resented her mom and really disliked her too. She didn't show any respect for her mother and fought back on everything. In the end she realizes how important her mom is and to give her some respect. And how much she loves her.

What I think I came out with was that this movie seemed to be more about mom AND daughter and that mom was the misunderstood one more so than Merida being misunderstood (although there was a little on both sides).
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mr_sundaymr_sunday on June 27th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
I saw it Monday night and I was really disappointed with it as well. I thought it was good, but I wasn't blown away. The story just wasn't that great and it felt really uneven to me. I started to lose interest in the middle of the movie. I think it really stems from the fact that they changed directors when the movie was being made and it really shows. I was thinking to myself that this movie could've been amazing had they just stuck with Brenda Chapman as the director since she wanted to focus on the Mother/Daughter relationship. I don't know if this makes sense, but this movie felt like a girl and an animal movie than a girl and her mother movie. I also really wished they developed or gave more of a background to the mother/daughter relationship in the beginning.

I also saw this in 3D and I was also disappointed in that the movie didn't really lend itself to 3D like Tangled did. I totally felt cheated, because I realized I could've just saw this in 2D and saved my money.

It just wasn't as good as tangled. When I watched Tangled, it filled me with a sense of awe and wonder, but I didn't feel that for brave. It fell flat for me.

I did think the 3 brothers were adorable though -.-

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SifuKatarasifukatara on June 27th, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
Hey Jenn! Thank you so much! And I wasn't trying to intentionally bash the movie. i was just trying to blow off some steam about how disappointed i was by it. And OT: Another Korra fan! YAY! i LOVE ATLA LOK too!
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dailydawldailydawl on June 28th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
I meant no disrespect to the OP. I only meant that the way she worded her post, it seemed more like she was complaining instead of giving a valid argument. We should be allowed to say what we feel within the community. However, if it's more of a complaint instead of a discussion, I see no reason for it to be in here, as it should in your journal.
super_mooglessuper_moogles on June 28th, 2012 09:25 pm (UTC)
First of all, I don't think this is the proper way to open a discussion about the movie. I think from now on we should have like a "____ movie discussion post!" after each new film. An opening post like this, full of negativity and bashing, can really deter people from either wanting to see the movie or from wanting to share their opinions at all.

I have seen the movie three times now.

The first time I saw Brave, I had gotten little sleep, but was beyond excited. Let's just say I was underwhelmed. I saw it's first showing on opening day with my best friend. It definitely was not what I was expecting, or more so, it was EXACTLY what I was expecting, and that was what disappointed me. I had made the mistake of watching every clip, reading every book on the shelf, looking at every coloring book, and reading every spoiler before seeing the film. I knew everything; from the witch to the prince to the tapestry. I was hoping-praying that there was going to be some sort of surprise twist in the movie, that would make it stupendous, but there wasn't. I spent the entire length of the film critiquing the characters, the plot, the pace at which the story developed, and the over-all effect of the movie.

However, I did cry at the part where Merida hugs Elinor when the sun was setting.

When I went to see it the second time later that day, I brought my little cousin. She had no idea they turned into bears, and was very afraid of Mor'du. She is ten years old, so it's not like she's all that young. But the movie had much more of an effect on her. I spent less time analyzing the film and looking for faults, and more time enjoying the characters, story, music, and visuals. I was still a little irked that Mor'du had such little part in the film, but as was previously mentioned, the focus of the film was mother-daughter relationships.

The third time I saw it, I went with my mother and my boyfriend. It was much more emotional with my mother. During the lullaby, I thought of the lullaby that my mother made up for me. And when Elinor goes to say something to Merida after dressing her for the games, but then decides against it, and reminds her to smile, I thought of all the little things that go unsaid in our lives. All of the times where we could say, "never forget, that I always love you," to our children or our parents. Or when after Merida awakes from her sentimental dream, she mentions none of it to Elinor, who so dotingly tried to make her breakfast, even though their situation is dire. It's that drive of a mother to always provide for her child that makes the movie beautiful. The way she hugs Merida after she comes back from the witch's cottage, relieved that she is alright, and forgetting anything wrong Merida has every done. That is what a mother does.

What a daughter does is more selfish, most often. She throws fits. She tears tapestries. She argues that you never listen, even though she doesn't listen either. But what a daughter also does is admit when she's done wrong. She apologizes for the mistakes she's made. She asks for your forgiveness, because in her heart, she knows you're the one who's always been there for her, and who always will be.

After seeing it so many times, I've come to this conclusion;

No, Brave is not Pixar's finest film. But when you look at Pixar's past, exactly how many films focus on HUMAN relationships/interactions? The Incredibles and Up will come to mind. Now, how many of those focus on FEMALE relationships, and focus HARD? None. Look at Disney's history. None of their films meet these criteria either.

super_mooglessuper_moogles on June 28th, 2012 09:26 pm (UTC)
(CONT from above)

Brave was one of the first, if not the first, animated feature films to focus solely on ONE mother-daughter relationship. This made the film teeter on the dangerous edge in Hollywood. The film probably only appealed to half of the population of this country. They knew this, going into it, and that's why they inserted a bit of male humor and then some other laughs. Though, that isn't enough to get the men's eyes watering (it can be assumed. My boyfriend's eyes welled up, surprisingly enough). This movie just will not move some people as much as it will move a mother-daughter pair. It is an undeniable truth of all films, but more so this one than others in the past. It is harder to relate to something with such a primary focus if you are not of the targeted audience.

They also broke the "princess needs a prince" standard, and are being criticized for that. People are claiming Merida is probably gay because she likes sports, for God's sake. The bottom line is, people are NEVER happy, no matter what. As a movie company, you can't appeal to everyone, but for the ones you DO appeal to, you hope and pray that they can celebrate your successes, and not dissect your faults. Opinions and critiques are great. I do enjoy reading them, because it helps to gain understanding of people's feelings on things, especially movies.

I have came to the decision that Merida is my new favorite princess, and no one's words can change my thoughts on the matter. I think having your opinion is great, and I can definitely see why people did not enjoy this movie as much as they hoped they would. Trust me, I know, I felt the same way the first time around. But once you really start to look at the beauty of the relationship that was so artfully crafted, you'll be able to see the movie in a whole different light.

TL;DR (seriously, sorry about the length of this).

And no offence to the OP. I didn't mean for that first statement to come off as harshly as it did xD

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