27 March 2014 @ 11:42 pm
Is there any one here that would like to get together and go see the Aladdin on Broadway show?
Unfortunately, I don't have any living family near me, and the rest are in other states.  I live in NJ,
close to NY.  My (male) friends aren't really interested.  So, if you are also looking for people to go
with, or just want to have a kind of show watching/party after type thing, answer here.
Hey everyone! Danielle here again.
A little over a month ago I posted on here telling you guys about the new podcast my friends and I were starting. Well, the podcast is now in motion and our fifth episode is coming out this coming Wednesday.
For those who didn't see my first entry, our podcast is titled Talk Magic to Me. I, Danielle, along with my fellow hosts Jen, Eric and JD discuss Disney in a critical fashion. We look at the Disney films and other areas of Disney and talk about the visuals and animation, music, characters, story, cultural impact and more! What makes our podcast stand out from the many other Disney podcasts is that we are strictly not a news podcast. The occasional snippet of news may work into our recording but it isn't our topic of discussion. We release a new episode every Wednesday (most episodes are posted as early as Tuesday night).
So far we have discussed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a YouTube video titled The Wonders of Disney Animation, Frozen, and Saving Mr. Banks.
Our next episode will be a Part 2 discussion on Frozen since there were a view topics we didn't have time to touch on during our first recording. Here is what our future looks like:
Frozen (Part 2) (Wednesday, April 9th)
Pinocchio (Wednesday, April 16th)
Paperman (Wednesday, April 23rd )
Fantasia (Wednesday, April 30th)
Angels in the Outfield (Wednesday, May 7th)
Dumbo (Wednesday, May 14th)
Our episodes are based on the Disney canon, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Frozen. Those films are our main goal and topic of discussion. However, we also love other aspects of Disney and are not planning on alienating these things. As you can see we will be talking about a short film and a live action film just as we have already discussed a live action film and a YouTube video. I want to reveal the rest of the schedule but that would ruin a fun surprise! Our schedule is based on an every other week timeline. So if we talk about a film from the Disney canon one week, the next week will not be from the canon but the following week will be.
Anyway, please take a listen to our podcast! It can be found on iTunes, PodOmatic and SoundCloud. SoundCloud is our android friendly area however we have experienced a lot of hassle with the service and are going to try and phase it out. If you are an Android user, it would be better to listen or download episodes using PodOmatic. All of these links are on our website - www.talkmagic2me.com! We are currently working on a new website layout and stuff so the user experience will be cleaner and friendlier.
Please listen and be sure to write to us with feedback and to answer our question of the week! As we say on our podcast, it isn't just about us four hosts. We are striving to slowly build our podcast into a community of opinions, not just ours. If you want your voice to be heard, please write to us and we will read your response on the show!
And finally, I have a favor to ask of you guys. Whether you listen to the podcast or not, I think it can be said that what we are doing is exciting cause it is about Disney and Disney is so awesome and discussing Disney critically and positively is so much fun. But all four of us take a lot of time out of our lives to do this. We do it for the love of Disney. Right now, JD and Eric are in school, I am working a full time job and Jen is working a full time job on top of managing another podcast she hosts. And that doesn't take into account the other things we have on our plate like personal time and family things. My favor to ask is that you guys take a moment to rate and review us on iTunes. When you wish upon five stars, all of your dreams will come true! Not only does this help us a lot in spreading the word but it allows us to earn sponsors which will help us earn money to put forth toward our host site and our website and other things like music and better recording equipment, etc. Another thing you can do is spread the word about the podcast. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr! Again, all links are on our website. Retweet and reblog our posts! Doing that goes a long way! And finally, our last request is that if you really like our podcast and believe in what we are doing, please donate a few dollars. There is a link on our website. It doesn't have to be a $20 donation. $5 would be perfectly fine! That money will go toward making the podcast better. All of us are in need of buying better microphones and as I said above, we will eventually need to pay for our host site and our website. Right now our top priority is our host site. If we don't eventually pay for that service, our podcast will be no longer and we don't plan on quitting anytime soon....or anytime for that matter. Please don't feel pressured to donate money but if you have a few dollars, it will help us out more than you can imagine.
If you want to learn more about us, please visit our website @ http://www.talkmagic2me.com/.
Thanks for the support! We hope you all enjoy the podcast and we really hope to hear from you guys soon!
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It's wonderful to watch women around the world let it go!

See the original Let It Go sequence in 25 languages here!
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27 March 2014 @ 01:00 pm

It's exciting to finally see some footage of the show! How do you think it looks?

From i09:

Disney's live action Cinderella movie is so wonderfully beholden to the animated source material, it will make your heart swell. And we've seen a large chunk of it, including the Evil Stepmother, Cate Blanchett — who makes her grand entrance with A CAT ON A LEASH.

Today at CinemaCon, Disney gave a large presentation of their upcoming films, and the huge standout hit was Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella. Honestly I had almost forgotten all about this film — well, no more. Move over Maleficent (which had absolutely nothing to show.) Cinderella and her tiny clothes-wearing mice are here to wear the Disney Crown. Here's everything I saw.

The footage opened as all good fairy tales should, a woman's voice says "Once Upon A Time there was a Child named Ella."

A beautiful family sits in a simply golden pastoral setting having the worlds most adorable picnic. It's clearly baby Cinderella, with her father and her blonde mother. Everything is wonderful, they are all so happy and blonde and loving being outdoors… but not for loooong! Cut into the family's gorgeous manor, and OH NO, the mother faints in their fabulous library. The father catches her, and genuine looks of concern are exchanged all around. Cut to the same pastoral field and little Cinderella and father are embracing, all in black. Looks like the Mother died.

Fast forward, a much older Cinderella played by Lily James (best remembered as the "I do what I want" cousin from Downton Abbey) stands in the hallway to welcome her new Stepmother.

Evil Stepmother Cate Blanchett enters, wearing a stunning dress black with gold embroidered details, a black veil wrapped tightly across her face, and topped off with a massive, black victorian hat. But more importantly, she is escorting in her pet cat who is being led in on a leash. SHE HAS A CAT ON A LEASH!!!!!!


Read the rest of the early preview review here!
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Hi everyone, I'm currently selling a vintage 1991 The Little Mermaid frisbee on ebay:


It's never been played with and has only been hung on my wall for decoration. It may have some wear from display and storage, but it's still in very good condition.

Thanks for looking!
~~Special deal this week buy 2 items get the third 10% off!! All items including plushies, buttons, vhs, books, posters and more are on sale!! they all MUST GO!! I cant add any more new items until all of these items are sold!
Here is a pic of all the dolls up for sale:

(the only new dolls I added today that only appears in this pic was fairy godmother, kayley from quest for Camelot, maximus, Megara,Flynn, Rapunzel)

If you have any questions please let me know! I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, if you are interested but dont like the price just message me and we can work something out :

for more items please check my sales: http://chibi-5.livejournal.com/1363.html
on to the sales:
Let it go, let it go, cant hold it back any more~~~~~~~~~~~~~Collapse )
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18 March 2014 @ 09:58 pm
Thank you for looking!


*Disney Sleeping Beauty Bubble Bath Berry Bliss
*Disney Princess Color Changing Pen (Cinderella)
*Department 56 Disney Cinderella Trinket Box
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16 March 2014 @ 03:58 pm
Hey everyone! I was just wondering what everyone thought of the My Best Friend is insert princess's name here series that was released a few years ago? I've only heard one of them. My Best Friend is Jasmine. I loved it! I loved how Jasmine showed Jenna compassion and kindness. I wanna read the Ariel one. For those of you who read any of the books, what did you think?
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