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  Wow. I havent been on here in years. I miss what this place was! Its almost like a ghost town now. Well I want to help resurrect both D_Princesses and Animated Archives. But I need help from you guys. If you have any files that I have uploaded over the years be it art books, disney ebooks, audiobooks, sequences or anything else please send it to me. With your help Im going to create a new community, either on LJ or another platform and really dive back into the sharing files business.


Hello, I'm new! :)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I run The Princess Blog, Your Resource For All Things Princess, at I have over a hundred articles about all the latest princess news, movies, shows, and more. You can use the menu options at the top to navigate to specific topics. I also recently started my own channel on YouTube, The Princess Vlog, at where I will be posting animated videos of my blog posts. If you enjoy my content, feel free to follow The Princess Blog on Facebook at, where you can keep track of all my new posts. Stay beautiful! <3


Estimated Time Periods and Locations of the Disney Princesses 2: Electric Boogaloo

So, it's been over five years since I made my original post, but I finally made good on my promise to revisit it! You can find it as a series of posts on my Tumblr here.

Princess Keychains for auction or trade

Hi! I have a Rapunzel and an Anna figural keychain on eBay for auction:

I would also be interested in trading for any of the other princesses/heroines from any of the series.


Belle and Beast Limited Edition Set

I know there was recently a Gaston and Belle limited edition set, and also a Gaston/Belle/Beast limited edition set. However, a few weeks ago I found a Belle and Beast limited edition set available on for $700, Sold Out already. I had seen advertising on the Disney's the Buzz, for the Gaston/Belle and the Gaston/Belle/Beast sets, but not for the Belle/Beast set. Does anyone have any information on the Belle/Beast set?

From the description: they were 18" and there was a limited edition of 500. But when did they go on sale? Or was it super exclusive?