Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot. (xpirate_queenx) wrote in d_princesses,
Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

Ever wondered where/when the princesses' movies take place?

I asked this some years ago on a Disney forum and got nothing but "they all take place in a magical fantasy land far far away!" for an answer. Hopefully I can get a little more expansive thoughts here.

Beauty and the Beast is obviously set in 18th century French countryside, Aladdin is Medieval Arabian Peninsula, and Princess and the Frog is Prohibition-Era New Orleans, but what about the others? My guesses:

Snow White: Renaissance-Era Germany or possibly Switzerland
Cinderella: 18th Century France (Chateaus, French names, etc)
Sleeping Beauty: Medieval England
Little Mermaid: 19th Century Denmark (Caribbean-accented characters aside, I'm basing this one off of the architecture and technology presented in the film, as well as the story's origin)

Yes, I edited the post...I accidentally sent several drafts to the queue and the first one is the one that was accepted.
Tags: movie: cinderella, movie: sleeping beauty, movie: snow white and the seven dwarfs, movie: the little mermaid, princess: ariel, princess: aurora, princess: cinderella, princess: snow white, talk: discussion
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