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18 April 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Gem Styling Merida Doll Photos!  
So I managed to get an early copy of GEM STYLING MERIDA, and I was so excited that I had to share it. This is one of Mattel’s releases for Pixar’s Brave (their other doll releases will be a basic Merida, a Merida and Elinor set, and a Merida and Angus set). This is the ‘fancier’ single Merida, and I believe she’ll retail for 20.99.

The first two images are just her in the box, but since I’m a deboxer, she didn’t stay that way for long. You can see the hair pick (which really is a better choice than a normal doll brush for hair like hers. I appreciated that) and the extra jewels not already on her dress in that image. One of the jewels looks like it’s missing, but it had actually just fallen into her hair.

Permit my ugly couch in the next pictures.

This is how she looked straight out of box. Her hair doesn’t look as nice as it did in the promo images (which is unsurprising), but it’s still pretty good. The ‘gems’ have velcro on the back, so they are removable. I thought that Mattel captured the character pretty well, certainly better than they have a lot of the previous princesses they’ve done. It’s not as spot on as the Disney Store mold, but it’s still a good representation (and I love her freckles).

FYI this is the only Mattel Merida that comes with a bow and arrow, I believe. One arm is actually molded into a bent position to hold the arrow.

You can see that the reversible cape has a bit of a Celtic knot design on it, which I thought was quite pretty.

Her without the cape.

The lighting is really bad here, but I wanted everyone to see her shoes! I really liked them.

Merida without any of the gems on the dress and the cape reversed. I’m not much a fan of the gems to be honest. They’re a bit cheesy looking, and they suggest putting them in her hair but I can’t imagine that not just making her hair frizzier. Also the ‘clear’ gems (only visible in the box photo) are so see through that you can see the velcro. But hey, kids might like them so who am I to judge.

The doll is really adorable though, and I’d definitely recommend it. I’ll be looking out for the other Merida dolls and snagging them when I can, so here’s hoping that’s soon! I was so thrilled when she came in the mail today. :D
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Flying Mint Bunny: pic#116989705haro on April 19th, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
Aha, so that's where they're getting them!