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24 February 2006 @ 10:55 pm
Princess Bell Photos  
I've had a lot of computer issues with my Cinderellabration photos - specifically my backup disk is not getting along with my laptop. (I'm glad I already have the photos printed so I can scrapbook them!)

However, while my D:drive is misbehaving, my USB camera cable is not, so I was able to take photos of the Jasmine, Peasant Snow White, and Cinderella in Pink bells. It's nice to know I'm not the only freak that has been collecting them.

The final photos is of that part of my "Princess Shrine", which is about to exceed its storage capacity. As my Belle shrine long ago exceeded it's area, I'm far over due for a curio cabinet. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Should I post photos as I get them? They tend to arrive the first week of the month.
Criminally Inclined®: Sadprincealia on February 25th, 2006 06:03 am (UTC)
Just wondering, how big are those bells?
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 25th, 2006 06:17 am (UTC)
The average height is 6 1/4 inches. This is the tops of their heads, some of them have hands raised up a bit higher.

I admit, I feld silly measuring them with my 25' measuring tape. They are rather small and delcate.
Anne-Marie: Homelightningbeauty on February 25th, 2006 07:09 am (UTC)
Where can I buy these bells? They are so beautiful!
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 26th, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)

It's a subscription plan; you get one every month or so.
forsakenmermaid on February 25th, 2006 07:10 am (UTC)
Those are all so gorgeous! I love them! Thanks for posting! ^_^
うみ: sakura blossom light pinkshojo_no_umi on February 25th, 2006 08:40 am (UTC)
ooo, sparkle-ah. i like it how Jasmine is actually in her WEDDING dress that she got MARRIED in, not the purple one. ~_~ w00t.
Cinderellachildofthecorn9 on February 25th, 2006 09:49 am (UTC)
yes! Post as you get them.
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 26th, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)
Will do!
Jacquixojadoretoiox on February 25th, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
i have to ask you how i can get that globe. i have been collecting the disney snowglobes all my life and i have never seen that one. :(
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 26th, 2006 06:06 am (UTC)
I bought it at Magic Kingdom this past May. I've seen it on ebay. It is the Cinderellabration special edition snowglobe. It's awesome, except Ariel isn't in the show and Jasmine isn't on the snowglobe. :)

I've recently started collecting snowglobes... damn, there's a lot of them!
Mtaleasold on February 25th, 2006 04:39 pm (UTC)
Yes! I'd love for you to post pictures as they come. Since I'm ordering the same things, I'd love to know what they all look like and exactly how many there are, since I'm wayyy behind in my bells compared to you.
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 26th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
LOL.. I started the Bell Subscription right after they started it. When I called the company asking about them, there were 14 in the series, with more planned. All 14 were of the main 6 princesses. I'll post them as they come in!
Mtaleasold on February 26th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
I asked my mom when she ordered them, and she said she sent the form in right when they first came out. So I'm just kinda confused as to why I'm so behind in getting them...but it's okay because I'll get to see them as they come for you! :)
Marlinbutterymildew on February 26th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)


i've NEVER seen the pez head things and i'm curous about those figurines in the boxes. would it be asking too much to see pictures of the figurine/dolls in the boxes with the 5.99 price sticker on them? and where'd you get them? i never see anything cool like that around here!
Cristine Sans Hpktaxwench on February 26th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC)
I found the Pez at Micheals and at Dollar Tree.

The 5.99 dolls I found at Walgreens before Christmas. Annoyingly, I only found Cinderella and Ariel. Belle is the princess I most actively collect if I can't collect the whole set. I'm not sure what I'll do with those two, since it's set is very incomplete.

I'll try to take photos of them on Monday when back from skiing.
Marlinbutterymildew on February 27th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
that would be awesome if you could take pics of them for me!
i adore ariel and aurora the most so i am VERY interested in trying to get that ariel figurine, because from what i can tell she looks so cool!

i hope i'm not being a pest but could you tell me what the brand name is for her (like did mattel make her or some other company; if so who?) and does this line of figurines have a specific name that i could also search on ebay? because i doubt i'd find them at walgreens now if you got them before christmas
ariellen on February 26th, 2006 06:05 pm (UTC)

Those are absolutely lovely! I am loving Snow White in rags and Cinderella n the pink gown, too.
neochibichibineochibichibi on March 1st, 2006 11:41 pm (UTC)
Those are beautiful! I'll have to keep that webpage in mind when I get extra money.