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30 October 2010 @ 03:46 am
Halloween 2010, Part 7: Princess Pumpkins Patterns Retrospective  

If you need a last minute boost to get into the Halloween spirit, consider carving a Princess pumpkin! There are pictures of carving kits, free patterns, and inspiring pumpkins all below the cut.
16 Other Snow White Pattern Jack-o-lantern26 Inspiration - Sleeping Beauty by Noel4 Princess Carving Kit Belle

Carving Kits
1 Princess Carving Kit2 Princess Carving Kit3 Princess Carving Kit
4 Princess Carving Kit Belle
5 Princess Carving Kit Snow White6 Princess Carving Kit Ariel7 Princess Carving Kit Alternate Patterns

The most recent carving kits seem to rely on these eye and mouth features that you insert in the pumpkin after carving. It reminds me of when you would create collages of faces by cutting out features from magazines in art class.
8 Older Princess Carving Patterns9 Older Princess Carving Patterns
10 Aurora In Flames by EvilZipper

Older carving kits bank more on traditional carving techniques.

Free Online Patterns

 11 Free Pattern Princess Pumpkins
14 Free Pattern Cinderella 12 Free Pattern Snow White 13 Free Pattern Ariel
22 Free Snow White Scoring Pattern21 Free Aurora Scoring Pattern18 Free Cinderella Scoring Pattern
19 Free Jasmine Scoring Pattern20 Free Jasmine Scoring Pattern Face

These patterns really are clip art with thicker lines. They can still work if you carve the blackened-out parks and score the thinner lines of the pumpkin.
15 Other Snow White Pattern16 Other Snow White Pattern Jack-o-lantern

A sweet Snow White design.
17 Princess and the Frog Pumpkin by ~baochau on deviantART17 Free Tiana Princess and the Frog Pumpkin Stencil

The kiss that changed the story.

22 Silhouettes

I really like these Princess icons from Japan. They would be simple yet elegant patterns around the circumference of a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Inspirations

24 Inspiration - Jack-o-lantern - Cinderella23 Inspiration - Cinderella Jack-o-lantern25 Inspiration - Cinderella's Coach by sadwonderland

Cinderella in a pumpkin is a natural fit.
26 Inspiration - Sleeping Beauty by Noel
Sleeping Beauty fair, gold of sunshine in her hair...
28  Inspiration - Beast Pumpkin by iamadisneyprincess27 Inspiration - Beast by RenaissanceMoonDance

Admittedly, it's more the Beast than Belle - but he does look epic in pumpkin form.
29 Inspiration - Little Mermaid
31  Inspiration - Little Mermaid Pumpkin by StephieT30 Inspiration - Little Mermaid Pumpkin by Red foxen

I really love the idea of taking images from the original movie posters and carving them, especially in Ariel's case.

32 Inspiration - The Disney Princesses by pumpkinmaster
37 Inspiration - Snow White by pumpkinmaster36 Inspiration - Cinderella by pumkinmaster35 Sleeping Beauty by pumpkinmaster
37 Inspiration - Ariel The Little Mermaid by pumpkinmaster33 Inspiration - Ariel in Wedding Gown by pumpkinmaster34 Inspiration - Belle by pumpkinmaster

If you'd rather skip the mess, you can show off your Princess love with paint.

40 Inspiration - Pumpkin Ariel

Or if you're feeling really ambitious, try food sculpture.
39 Inspiration - Disney Princess Pumpkin38 Inspiration - Belle Pumpkin Photo by OddballArtist

For a great 3D effect, a pumpkin makes an excellent ballgown.

41 Inspiration - Pumpkin Carriage
Or you can just go with a classic :)

If you've carved a Princess pumpkin before or have found some really cool ones on the web, please share in the comments!

If you'd like to see what Disney posts I'm going to attempt next, see my Upcoming Posts.
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melissa: aurora: lips that shame the red red rosearielstreasures on October 30th, 2010 03:26 pm (UTC)
These are all very beautifully done, very artistic! My favourite is the sleeping Aurora :)